Long Island company making military aircraft seats hiring veterans for the jobs

RONKONKOMA, Long Island (WABC) -- A factory on Long Island that makes seats for military aircraft is hiring and training veterans to do the jobs.

For these veterans -- this is their battlefield, a manufacturing facility in Ronkonkoma.

"I kinda feel like I'm still part of the fight," said one vet.

They work for East/West Industries, a family owned company which manufactures aircraft seats for high performance military aircraft.

"It's designed to take crash impact of up to 40 g's, 40 times gravity and still allow the occupant to survive the crash and be able to walk away from it," said Joe Spinosa of East/West Industries.

East/West has made it part of their mission to employ, train and mentor veterans like Reginald Savage.

"The transition to civilian life is not as easy as people tend to think it is and then you get a company that's willing to welcome you with open arms, it's a beautiful thing," said Savage.

And Scott McCord. "They were willing to take me in and teach me what I needed to know to provide a service that also provides back to the military," he said.

The veterans tell us they're proud to work at East/West because they know they're saving fellow soldiers lives. For example, they also manufacture survival kits which can be used in the case of an ejection. They contain emergency oxygen.

"At one time in my career I was a user of these end products so there's like a vested interest," said veteran Scott Frey.

Then there's Manual Cancel, who saw the East-West sticker underneath an ejection seat when he was with the Marines.

He called the company and they gave him a job.

"I just want the pilot out there to be safe there's no corners cut. We want everything right. First time, the right time," said Cancel.

"When someone is deployed and they're seeing our products. East West Long Island New York, when they come back home to look us up and say I've used your equipment in the field it's brought me home safely, it gives us a lot of pride," said Teresa Ferraro of East/West Industries.

These veterans say *they're proud to work for a company which - quite simply - gave them a chance.

If you are a veteran interested in working for East/West Industries you can contact their Human Resources department at 631-981-5900 or at hr@eastwestindustries.com
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