Floating water park opens on Lake Michigan

Monday, June 26, 2017
Floating waterpark opens in Whiting
A floating water park opened June 24, 2017 in Whiting, Ind.

WHITING, Ind. -- A new floating water park opened Saturday on Lake Michigan in Whiting in northwest Indiana.

WhoaZone opened at Whihala Beach and features inflatable slides, trampolines, towers, rope climbs and monkey bars.

"It was fun but a lot of hard work," said Hailey Justak, who tried out the obstacle course.

"It was actually pretty difficult, just like the balancing part of it. That rock climbing wall was a big challenge for me," said Travis Middleton, who also took the plunge.

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Promotional images provided by Whoa Zone Whihala, a new water park coming to northwest Indiana.

The floating park is good for all ages and skill levels, but grandpa Jack Fritz tried it out with his granddaughter on Friday.

"That is a kids game I felt my age believe it or not. I really felt my age this morning when I got out of bed. It was a good work-out yesterday," Fritz said.

Whiting city leaders pushed for the project, hoping it will attract more people to the area this summer.

"What we really want is to bring people into the community to experience something fun and unique and this is definitely unique. It's a way to utilize the Lakefront a little bit more," said Amy Frets, Whiting communications director.

The obstacle course, which will be open through Labor Day, costs $20 for an hour of fun.