Grandmother mistakenly swallows AirPod, shares story in now-viral TikTok video

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Grandmother mistakenly swallows AirPod
Tanna Barker swallowed her AirPod after mistaking it for vitamins. Her story has gone viral on social media.

A TikTok video of a Utah grandmother confessing that she swallowed an AirPod has gone viral.

It happened on Saturday, when Tanna Barker ran into an old friend while on a morning walk and decided to put her left AirPod in her pocket.

"Okay, so I'm gonna be vulnerable right now. I swallowed my AirPod. I swallowed my AirPod," Barker said in the video. "Halfway through my walk, I decided to take my vitamins."

But that was no vitamin, and she didn't realize the mishap until the end of the walk.

"I reached into my pocket to get my AirPod, and I'm holding my vitamins," Barker said during an ABC News interview.

Barker immediately contacted multiple medical professionals, who all said that she should be okay, and that it would take three to five days for the AirPod to pass through her.

In the meantime, Barker thought there was an important lesson here, and when she put her story on TikTok, the video had over a million views within 12 hours.

"People are invested in my bowel movements at this point, you know?" Barker said.

Some of the top comments include, "You win the 'never have I ever' game" and "play music really loud so you can track its progress."

"One of the hashtags I used was #ThisTooShallPass, and it has," Barker said in another video.

Thankfully, Barker is okay, and she's happy to have shared an important lesson with millions of people.