2 killed as car, bus crash in Queens

January 6, 2008 5:13:06 PM PST
A deadly collision between a city bus and a car has left two families in mourning Sunday night.The accident happened early this morning near the intersection of 168th Place and Hillside Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens.

The two young men killed were boyhood friends heading home from a party.

Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson has more.

"Every parent hopefully thinks their kids will outlive them," said victim's father, Eric Richmond.

Eric Richmond was one of those parents who believed his 25-year-old son Eric would eventually bury him, never dreaming it would be the other way around.

"I've lost a son. It's final. It's not something you can snap your finger and come back," said Eric Richmond. "He's gone."

A victim in this horrific accident early this Sunday morning, Eric, was riding in a car. His childhood friend 23-year-old Christopher Boyd was driving.

Police say Boyd lost control of his ford thunderbird on Hillside Avenue. The vehicle slid sideways right into the path of a MTA bus.

The driver and one passenger on the bus were hurt. Christopher and Eric whose middle name is Spencer were killed instantly.

"My brother called to tell me about my nephew. I said this couldn't have happened," said aunt Gwendoline Usher. "He said, "yes, Spencer is dead.""

Eric served four years in the navy part of which was spent overseas. A young man who likes his family was deeply religious often talking just how fragile life is.

"Even with my kids we sat and talked about these things ever so often but you're never prepared for it when it occurs," Eric Richmond said.

This of course has been a huge blow to the Richmond family and specifically to Eric's younger sister Alycia. She was at the same party, left and the same time and was trailing Eric in a second car. She saw the whole accident unfold.

"I don't know how much she knows or what she can put together right now," said victim's father Eric Richmond. "She and her brother were very very close."

A family who now says their faith will help them heal.