Club Stereo in Chelsea closed after shooting

January 12, 2008 8:17:02 AM PST
There will be some disappointed party goers tonight. Club Stereo in Chelsea has been shut down after a police raid, two days after a deadly shooting there. Eyewitness News reporter Thalia Patillo has more from the scene.

The doors are closed this morning, by court order at club stereo at 512 W 29th Street after last night's under cover raid.

This all comes on the heels of a deadly shooting early Thursday morning.

Brione Schneider, 32, of queens was killed after a fight inside the club, spilled into the streets.

This is the fourth time the club has been closed by the courts in nine months.

It was shut down in April, august and September of 2007 for narcotics violations and underage drinking and then reopened again just last month.

In this latest instance, the city cited its nuisance abatement law for the closure.

"Some places too much clubs are concentrated in the same area, I think it would be better if they kind of spread them out a little bit," said Queens resident, Sean Callaghan. "It may work out better that way."