911 call released in infant drowning

Mother charged with murder
January 31, 2008 4:44:10 PM PST
Eyewitness News has obtained the dramatic and frantic 911 call from a relative who found a 9-month-old unconscious and not breathing. The baby didn't make it. In fact, her mother is now charged with drowning her.

But her uncle tried to safe her life.

Jim Hoffer has more on the emotional tapes.

Two people can be heard on the tapes. It is a 911 operator and a family relative trying desperately to save a baby's life, not realizing that it was already too late.

911 Operator: "911. Where is your emergency?"

The horror that happened inside a Piscataway, New Jersey home on January 10 plays out as the uncle of the baby struggles to tell the 911 operator that he discovered the infant in the tub, not breathing.

Operator: "Do you think she dropped the baby, or did the baby, did she find the baby not breathing?"
Uncle: "I think there is blood there by the baby."
Operator: "There is blood there? Where is the blood at?"
Uncle: "On the bottom of the tub."
Operator: "The bottom of the top of his head? Where is the blood? Tell me where the blood is."
Uncle: "I have no idea where the blood comes from."
Operator: "Listen to me, I need you to put the baby on the floor. We are going to start CPR on this baby."
Uncle: "OK."

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the 911 operator tries to take control by instructing the uncle how to perform CPR on the baby.

Operator: "I'm going to tell, are you the one that's gonna do CPR? Because I'm willing to give you directions."
Uncle: "No, I don't know how to do it."
Operator: "Listen to me, I'm going to give you instructions on how to give CPR on this baby. Will you do the instructions as I give them to you?"
Uncle: "Uh huh."
Operator: "OK, I need you to lay the baby flat on the floor and bare the chest."
Uncle: "On the floor."
Operator: "Listen. Slightly tilt, slightly lifting the chin, tightly cover the baby's mouth and nose with your mouth and blow two small puffs of air into the baby's lungs."

The tape plays out for a few minutes, but the infant died the next day. The mother, Wella Eng, was charged with murder. She is in jail on $2 million bond.

Authorities say Eng murdered the child while awaiting indictment stemming from an incident in which she allegedly left her daughter unattended in a car while shopping.