Download your free Italian cookbook

Special treat courtesy of Chef Mario Batali & Actress Marisa Tomei
February 4, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Chef Mario Batali and Actress Marisa Tomei have teamed up with other celebrities and "Barilla" pasta to prepare a free cookbook. The free cookbook features recipes from celebrities like Brooklyn's own Marisa Tomei and chef Mario Batali.

"Barilla was kind enough to offer $1 per free download to anybody who gets this cookbook with these Italian cooking recipes and give it to America's second harvest, " Chef Mario Batali explains.

The charity gets the money but we got to eat at Oh-Toe Restaurant where Marisa and Mario met us to talk about the various featured dishes-starting with her own dish of pasta with pork, Ru-Cola and truffle paste.

"I wanted to choose something that was simple but had a lot of impact because that's how I like my life to go. (laugh) how can I do this the easiest way possible but still be good," Marisa says.

Chef Batali gave us a couple of tips to help us cook Italian food better:

  • Don't use too much sauce and don't over-cook the pasta.

  • "It's 'al-dente' the tooth which means there's a little bit to it. There's still almost a crunch so I suggest you cook it one minute less than the package instructions," says Chef Batali.

  • Throw it in the pan with the condiments and it cooks up that last, extra bit.
  • Use fresh, local ingredients that are available right in the you keep it close to home and the product is better and flavor has more impact.
  • The free download is available at

    Remember everytime you download for free, money will go to charity.