Family searching for disabled relative

Missing since last week
February 5, 2008 1:18:16 PM PST
A developmentally disabled woman disappeared while being loaded on a bus in the Bainbridge section of the Bronx last week, and her family is desperately trying to find her. Authorities say 48-year-old Yvonne Yorke apparently got onto the wrong bus, which was one in a line of buses loading mentally handicapped attendees of a workshop at 3625 Bainbridge Avenue last Friday afternoon.

Yorke was reportedly taken off the wrong bus by an employee of The Institutes of Applied Human Dynamics, which takes care of her. She was supposed to be placed onto the correct bus, but that never happened. She has not been seen since.

The executive director of the facility, Stanley Silverstein, believes one of his employees took Yorke off the wrong bus and failed to put her on the correct bus. He cannot account for her disappearance.

He will not discuss the facts of the disappearance further, saying he instead wants to concentrate on finding her. However, he conceded there is an investigator hired by the facility conducting an internal probe.

Yorke's family blames the facility for botching her bus transfer. She was supposed to be taken from the workshop location to the group home where she lives with only developmentally disabled men and women.

The bus she was supposed to be on had two monitors. It was unclear if either of them saw where Yorke went.

Yorke reportedly speaks with a very heavy Jamacian accent, although she is very quiet and will not approach anyone.