Fallout from photos of Hoboken's SWAT team

February 29, 2008 3:20:22 PM PST
Several members of the now disbanded SWAT team are facing disciplinary actions. This comes after racy pictures surfaced of officers on a trip.Eyewitness News reporter Lisa Colagrossi has the latest from Hoboken.

The investigation has been completed and now, Hoboken Public Saftety Director William Bergin says there will be disciplinary charges filed. However, he will not say which officers are facing those charges.

The SWAT team scandal was a black eye for Hoboken's police department and the entire city.

The SWAT unit was disbanded in November after officials learned of racy pictures taken during a trip team members made to the New Orleans area in 2006 to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

The photos show the unit's commander and other officers posing with waitresses from a Hooters restaurant in Alabama who appeared to be holding police firearms.

Mayor David Roberts spoke to the media Friday afternoon.

"This is a small group of individuals that has brought a condiderable amount of discredit to the city of Hoboken," he said.

The pictures came out after five Latino officers filed a lawsuit naming SWAT unit's former leader, Lt. Angelo Andriani. The officers claim there was discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Now, after an internal investigation there are disciplinary charges against a number of officers, and the Latino officers. They are now charged with failure to report the alleged bias comments, and in a timely manner. And, with making racial remarks among themselves.

Charges for some of the SWAT team members shown in the photos include failure to report the gun incident. As for Lt. Andriani, there is no word yet as to what his punishment will be.