Obama, Clinton campaign in Ohio ahead of primary

March 2, 2008 4:16:13 PM PST
Four state primaries could make or break Hillary Clinton's historic run for president. Voters in Ohio, Texas, Rode Island and Vermont head to the polls on Tuesday.

Clinton and her democratic rival Barack Obama Sunday focused on the big prizes of Ohio and Texas.

Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang joins us now with more.

Ohio and Texas are rich with delegates and that's where the two contenders are spending their time and money.

Obama tried to appeal to voters' heartstrings and pursestrings Sunday while Clinton continued to attack Obama as heavy on rhetoric, light on experience.

With momentum and money behind him, Barack Obama stretched across Ohio Sunday making sure he touched down in the big cities where his support is the greatest ? Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

A new poll in the buck eye state shows Senator Hillary Clinton once huge lead over Obama has shrunk to four percentage points, 47 to 43.

With the primary two days away both sides know too well. A lot can happen in 48 hours.

So Barack spoke about pocket book issues which hit home for these Ohio voters.

"A genuine middle class tax cut that will provide relief to 95 percent of working Americans," said Obama.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton reached out to a late night audience this weekend making a rare appearance on Saturday night live trying to show she does have a sense of humor.

"Oh, the campaign is going very well," said Clinton. "Why, what have you heard?"

Texas is the other key state on Tuesday. President Bill Clinton spent this Sunday warming up for his wife who is due here tomorrow. After losing the last 11 states, Clinton knows her candidacy is extremely vulnerable as she lashed out at Obama for inspiring his audiences.

"For some people, this election is about how you feel. It's about speeches," said Clinton. "That is not what is about for me. It's about what you're going to do."

The polls in Texas show Obama ahead but by only one point, 46 to 45 and eight percent undecided. Taking nothing for granted, Senator Obama hit the airwaves hard outspending Clinton 2 to 1.

If Clinton takes Ohio on Tuesday but loses Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont to Obama, it is expected to spell the end of her campaign. She plans to watch the returns from Ohio, the only state where she still has a slim chance of winning.