Times Square blast compared to past attacks

Mirrors previous attacks on British and Mexican consulates '05 & '07
March 10, 2008 5:48:43 AM PDT
Police sources tell Eyewitness News today's attack has "striking similarities" to two previous cases. Both the Mexican and British consulates were bombed in 2007 and 2005, respectively. The suspects: both men on bikes...Just like today. There were never any arrests. Eyewitness News reporter Stacey Sager has the story.

In all of the cases the explosions took place in the early morning hours, the suspects were on a bike and no one was injured.

Today at the Mexican Consulate and at other consulates around the city, there is added security.

Immediately after this morning's explosion in Times Square, questions were raised between this incident and two others.

For now, Mayor Bloomberg is only giving the saying the most basic comparisons.

"At the moment all we know is that it's a similar kind of thing -- a small bomb, a small explosive device going off outside of building, when nobody happened to see the perpetrator," the mayor said at a morning news conference.

A perpetrator was on a bicycle, as was the case at the Mexican Consulate on East 39th Street, back in October of 2007.

In that case, two dummy hand grenades were fashioned into crued bombs -- a window out front, also shatter and no one injured.

And one similar to this case, back in 2005 at the British Consulate on 3rd Avenue, also a morning blast when no one was at work. Fake grenades were used in this incident too.

In today's case, while the time and power of the blast were similar, the exact material is somewhat different.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly saying, "Here, it may be similar powder - we still have to determine that. But it was placed in an ammunition box. That was the carrier for the explosive. There was no grenade."

In the explosion at the Mexican Consulate, 5-months ago, the suspect actually tossed the devices over a fence near their target areas.

In today's case investigators are hoping review surveillance videos to see if they have a clear picture of any suspect on a bicycle, to see if the suspect actually commits the crime. And, they might have pictures of that.

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