Sports interns take MSG by storm

March 6, 2008 8:20:21 PM PST
To all you sports fans, there's a way to take your love of the game and make a good living from it.There is a new program that teaches students how to be big wigs in the sports business.

Education reporter Art McFarland has the story.

Mark Weinstein is having so much fun as an intern with the New York Knicks, you might have to remind him that he is earning college credit at New York University.

"The Garden has been just absolutely amazing," he said. "Welcoming me right in, really treating me as part of the team."

"The candidates will come in and be interviewed as if they were potential employees," MSG's vice president of training Frances Hurley said. "They really are given assignments much like a new employee would be given."

Madison Square Garden interns go to staff meetings and they are kept very busy, learning the business of sports franchises.

We visited a freshman class in sports management at NYU, which has a strong relationship with local sports enterprises.

"Our students are focused on the business of sports," NYU dean Laila Rach said. "Finance, marketing, media, promotion, merchandising."

Sports management is apparently a field that lends itself toward turning an internship into a career.

Veteran MSG executive Brian LaFemina, began as an intern at the Garden.

"It really opened my eyes to all the opportunities that existed in a company like Madison Square Garden and all the different jobs that were there for somebody to take advantage of."

And hopeful students come from all over the world to this nation's number one sports market.

"Not only does New York have access to a lot of major sports teams, but it also has access to a lot of different firms that work with sports properties," student Ashley Graf said.