Dead fetus dropped off at church

Happened at Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church
March 13, 2008 4:02:03 PM PDT
Police are investigating a dead fetus that was dropped off at a church in Queens.Authorities say a couple gave a priest a bag containing the fetus and then left, but not before first praying with the priest.

It happened at the Our Lady of Sorrows Shurch on 37th Avenue.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has the story.

The priest says a couple knocked on his door late Wednesday night saying they had no place to turn.

Then, on the rectory's doorstep, with the dead fetus wrapped in a bag, they prayed.

Once the couple left, the priest called police. He says he didn't recognize the middle-aged couple, but he recognized their pain.

They wouldn't say how the fetus died, but they prayed with the priest before rushing off into the night.

Renes Marte is the maintenance man. He says it's not right, especially not at a church.

The reaction this afternoon from Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church parishioners, neighbors and church employees echoed the same sentiment.

First, shock. Then a flurry of questions.

Parishioner Crispina Arastas says she doesn't know why someone hasn't come forward or why the child was abandoned here.

That is the same questions police are trying to answer.

The autopsy came back as inconclusive. At this point, there are no charges.