Female cab driver attacked

Co-workers were on phone with female driver at time of attack
March 19, 2008 2:48:40 PM PDT
A cell phone proved to be a lifeline for a female taxi driver who was suddenly attacked by a passenger. The driver was talking with several of her colleagues - on a group cell chat. When they heard Neeru Singh screaming for help - they rushed to her aide.

Singh has been a New York City taxi cab driver for just three months.

Her friends call her rookie.

Singh and five friends were on a cell phone chat when she picked up the woman yesterday. She says the woman started yelling and spewing racist comments and at one point even claimed she was an undercover cop.

Neeru Singh says her cell phone saved her.

Singh was on the phone at the time and was afraid to get a ticket while driving. So she put the phone on the front seat but left it connected so her friends could hear what happened next.'

"She take my money like that and I wanted to take my money back," Singh said.

Her co-workers were worried about her. "We were just yelling at her put the car on the side let her go. She was like yelling back to her saying she's not going to get off the cab," said Raminder Gill.

"We could here the whole conversation as she grabbed her neck. She couldn't say anything. She was so choaked up she couldn't even say help me or something," says Rayni Tak.

Singh admits admits she wasn't supposed to be on it because of TLC regulations, but she's hoping what happened to her gets that rule changed.

A suspect was arrested for attacking the cabbie right at the scene.