Captors threaten to cut off fingers?

Immigrants allegedly smuggled, held hostage
March 31, 2008 4:28:33 PM PDT
Police say five immigrants were smuggled into the United States and then held hostage in an apartment. They were allegedly threatened with pruning shears if they did not pay extra money to the smugglers. Port Chester police say they received a call for assistance at 131 Poningo Street just after noon on Saturday.

They say responding officers discovered two male victims, who stated that they had just escaped from an apartment where they had been held for four to five days. The victims claimed that when the captors demanded additional money for transporting them into this country, and when they could not pay, threatened to cut off their fingers with the set of shears.

Authorities say the investigation into the incident revealed that the victims had been held at 124 Haseco Avenue by two men after crossing the Mexican border into Texas. Eventually, police say the victims were transported by 22-year-old John Ernesto Guerrero and one unidentified accomplice to Port Chester by car.

A total of five people had reportedly been transported to Port Chester and held in the apartment, only two of whom have come forward. All five people reportedly escaped the apartment during a disturbance.

Guerrero, of 3527 Senova Drive, Pearland, Texas, is in custody and is charged with attempted robbery.

Investigators are searching for the second suspect, who reportedly fled in a black four-door Toyota SUV.

The Port Chester Police Department is asking anyone with information about this crime to call 914-939-8419. All calls will be kept confidential.