Toothpaste flavored Oreo's make kids sick

Parents looking for apology from parents of students involved
April 3, 2008 2:21:27 PM PDT
It's an April fool's joke that a local mom says made her son sick.Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste, and the joke has one mom demanding answers and some action at a Westchester county school.

Will Todd had a typical day at school today, unlike Monday when he came home and threw up all because of oreo cookies. It was not just any oreos, but ones that had the cream filling scooped out and replaced with toothpaste.

"Tasted soggy and like too minty, but still tasted like an oreo so I ate it anyway," said Will.

Within ten minutes will says he started feeling sick and had a headache. The stunt was part of an April fools joke involving two fellow fifth graders at Bedford Village Elementary School. Naturally Will's mom did not think the gag was particularly funny, especially after being told the students parents were in on the prank.

"If the kids had done it, it's one thing. It's still not good," says Leigh Todd, Will's mom.

The school district has decided not to suspend the students calling the incident a 'teachable moment'.

"This could be serious and they need to understand that. And as they get older then before they make a decision of doing a prank, they think through what could happen," said Debrah Jackson, School Superintendant.

There are dozens of videos on the internet, showing the supposed hilarity of eating toothpaste filled oreos, but injesting too much floride can be fatal. Will is still suffering from irritation in his esophogous and stomach.

Will says the episode won't stop him from eating oreos.

His mom says an apology would be a nice first step.