Murder suspect's parents speak out

Natavia Lowery charged with the murder of Linda Stein
April 14, 2008 4:38:53 PM PDT
The parents of a young woman accused in a notorious murder are speaking for the first time.Natavia Lowery is the only suspect arrested in the murder of Linda Stein, the so-called Realtor to the Stars.

And now, her parents say their 26-year-old daughter is innocent.

They sat down with Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda.

No parent wants to believe that their own child can do anything wrong. But Natavia Lowery's parents wanted to let the public know what their daughter's personality is like. They sat down with Eyewitness News at their local church, without an attorney present. They began by sharing a message that Lowery left on her reverend's voice mail from Riker's Island Monday morning.

"Hey, Reverend Walrond, it's Natavia," she said on the message. "I'm just calling to say hello. I'll try to call you again tomorrow, probably around 5 o'clock. So I'll talk to you soon. Love you, bye."

On the message, Lowery doesn't sound like a woman in prison.

"You hear a young woman who is hopeful and encouraged and confident," Reverend Michael Walrond said. "And what boosts her confidence is that she knows she's innocent."

"She is innocent," mother Lottie Lowery-Walsh said. "Natavia can sleep at night, because she's innocent. Her conscience is clean."

Comparing their only child's disposition to a little kitten, Lowery-Walsh and stepfather Daniel Walsh broke the silence they've kept since the October 30 murder to talk about their daughter's character.

"There is no doubt in my mind," Lowery-Walsh said. "That girl can't even clean her room, more or less a crime scene."

Prosecutors say the evidence will show that Lowery cleaned herself and the crime scene after the vicious murder. The 26-year-old allegedly confessed to the crime, but her lawyers and parents believe that confession was coerced.

Nina: "If she did not do it, why did she confess?"
Lowery-Walsh said. "Who said? I didn't know, did she confess? No she didn't confess."
Daniel Walsh: "When you have high-profile cases, there's a quick fix. And the quick fix is this person, and we'll figure it out 10 years from now."

Nina: "Is there any way Natavia, in a moment of anger, could have bludgeoned Linda Stein to death? Do you think that Natavia could've killed Linda Stein?"
Lowery-Walsh: "No way. No."
Daniel Walsh: "She is innocent."
Lowery-Walsh: "Natavia? No. Not Natavia."

Lowery is on Riker's Island, charged with murder. She is six months pregnant and is being held without bail. She is due in court again next week.