Car vandals becoming problem on UWS

April 23, 2008 3:40:19 PM PDT
It is a horrible feeling...walking outside in the morning, only to see your car damaged. Vandals struck overnight on the Upper West Side...leaving behind a path of destruction. One vehicle after another was damaged On Amsterdam Avenue between 99th and 100th streets. Eyewitness News reporter Phil Lipof has more on the Upper West Side with the story.

Most people would probably say it's not easy to own a car in Manhattan, in fact, it can be stressful at times.

The recent incidents of cars being vandalized on the Upper West Side is just the beginning along Amsterdam Avenue.

Resident, Nicole Moore says that this problem is deeper than just a car here and a car there.

"We obviously hope in the community that this will be resolved, it's a serious's problem, averaging 2 to 3 cars a day...It's no longer safe to go running or park your car here," said Nicole Moore.

Her fiance's car was broken into last Thursday night, GPS stolen. Last night, seven more cars were vandalized.

"What are you going to's about $300 worth of damage to my window," another resident said.

Nicole says she is trying desperately to get the community together, but that she's not getting any help from police. Who by the way, have a precinct right across the street from the troubled block.

She says she's called 311 and has been trying to do all she can. Moore says she spoke with one man whose car was broken into, even after he left his doors open.

So, the residents on this block really want to see the suspect or suspects get caught.