Ready in Ten! Long Island Marathon

May 1, 2008 3:28:17 PM PDT
If you run you may like to use head phones, but many road races don't allow them.When thousands of runners compete in the Long Island Marathon this weekend, they won't have headphones. But they'll still have tunes to keep them moving.

Eyewitness News Long Island reporter Emily Smith explains.

Like the bands name suggests "Ready in Ten" promise good fast paced service. Only Sunday morning it's to a slightly different crowd-- thousands of runners taking part in the annual long island marathon.

"It's actually surprising," band member Mike Elefante said. "How into they are, Adrenaline plus loud music as they're running by."

Lead guitarist Sal Nastasi says he would almost rather be running Sunday. He is a competitive marathoner who belongs to a number of running clubs.

But it's also that knowledge of running that convinced him to want to be on the sidelines for the third consecutive year.

"The course does tend to get boring and its when your legs start to burn," band member Sal Nastasi said. "You need a kick."

Instead of a bar, the band will be one of about ten playing here along the route.

Like other marathons, iPods are prohibited. So for most, the bands are an especially welcome sound.

"There is no escaping us!" band member Marc said. "It is nice to have music on the course."

To help runners stay the course Ready in Ten will be set up by six in the morning Sunday warming up just like the runners. Only problem, these guys say they are pretty much nocturnal.

"I'm going to need another band to cheer me on! (laugh)" band member Ray Nemeses said. "So I can play for the race!"

All jokes aside, Ready in Ten says they'll be there rain or shine and don't plan to leave until the last runner of the day passes by.