Suffolk to ban drug masking products?

May 6, 2008 3:14:22 PM PDT
Suffolk County Legislators are going to consider a local law to ban the sale of products that mask alcohol and drugs in the blood stream. Legislator Steve Stern says the products are taken by people who use illegal drugs and have to take a drug test for a job.

He says the tests are given to people who are involve in public safety, such as school bus drivers or operators of heavy equipment. Hiding the fact that they take drugs or have been drinking is dangerous.

These products are widely available in "nutrition" stores and on-line.

Fourteen states have banned the sale and use of these products. Suffolk County is the first county in New York State to do so.

Stern says using masking products not only affects public safety, but also has an economic cost in lost productivity, medical costs and increased workers compensation claims. He says there is no legitimate need for their products.