Exclusive: Mom, girls beat up by teens

May 16, 2008 9:27:39 AM PDT
In an Eyewitness News exclusive, a story that is both perplexing and disturbing.A group of teenage girls are facing charges after they allegedly attacked a fellow student and her mother in Queens.

It happened in Far Rockaway.

Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda has more.

Authorities say the teens did not do this to get on YouTube, but to exact "rumor revenge." When our cameras went to the victim's house, she was so scared of the repercussions of telling her story, she hid inside her room. This is after she says she, her mom and her friend were beat up just a block away from her school.

Petulant and hurling profanity, the teenage girls accused of beating a schoolmate and her mom clowned around in the back of the police van taking them to jail for the crimes of assault and harassment.

"They knocked my BlueTooth out of my hair, started punching me in the face, beating up the two little girls," mom Abina Scott. "After the little one on the floor, punch her in the face, her face is swollen. And punch me in the back of the head."

With a knot on her cheek and dried blood in her nose, from where her injuries caused her to bleed all over her pocketbook, Scott described how the pack of teens allegedly descended on her as she tried to protect her child and another student. All three were attacked, she says, after the dean of Beach Channel High School called to warn her the girls were being targeted for a beating.

"These kids, I can't understand, I understand if two kids want to fight, but 10 people?" she said. "And then you're going to hit someone's mom?"

Two 17-year-old girls and one 16-year-old girl are being charged as adults. A 15-year-old girl was also arrested and will be charged as a minor. All of them are facing assault and harassment charges. Police say they are not taking this lightly, as a schoolyard dispute, when a parent needs to be treated by EMS.