Students get lessons in success

May 27, 2008 4:57:49 PM PDT
It is the most popular course offered at a local vocational program, for students who want to get into the cosmetology field.But there is more to the program than just learning how to cut hair.

Students are also learning important lessons on how to run a successful business.

Education reporter Art McFarland has more.

The cosmetology class is for students in the Putnam-Northern Westchester BOCES vocational program. We visited when students were preparing fro an upcoming competition of young entrepreneurs, based on what they have learned in class.

"From financial to insurance to what it takes to start up a business, marketing, how to give back to the community with your business, and really, how to be successful," instructor Deborah Ashley said.

There are 30 courses offered, and half of them teach students how to create their own businesses. Cosmetology is the most popular, and the class has already put some students on the road to success.

Laura Cote now runs a business called Kids Cuts, which serves customers like Lizzie Golinski, in their homes.

"She got Lizzie comfortable, talked to her, played with her a little before, sort of took away any anxieties that she might've had," mom Anita Golinski said.

Laura credits her rapport with children to a teaching job at a daycare center, and hher business model to her training at BOCES.

"I learned how to make a business plan in itself, and that you need to plan ahead for the month, for the next couple of months, to see how many haircuts you need to do in order to cover your monthly expenses," she said.

With confidence like Laura's, current students in the program hope they can also be successful at running their own businesses.

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The instructor, Deborah Ashley, won an award recently. For more information on that, click here.