LI woman quarantined with bird mites

June 6, 2008 5:05:28 PM PDT
A Long Island woman has been found by police with her skin crawling with nearly invisible bloodsucking parasites from an infested bird's nest in her home. She's been taken to a hospital quarantine unit. Nassau County police say they were called to the Levittown home of 45-year-old Nina Bradica on Thursday night. They say she was infected with bird mites, a highly contagious condition she contracted from a nest inside a bathroom vent.

Bird mites are half a millimeter long and usually can't be seen without magnification. Symptoms of human infestation include pinprick bites, red bumps, intense itching and a crawling sensation on the skin.

Firefighters and hazardous-materials officers put the woman in a protective suit and took her to the hospital. She's being observed and treated.