Builder has flooring swiped at Home Depot

Seven On Your Side
June 11, 2008 4:33:53 PM PDT
It was a building supply bungle that left one do it yourselfer out more than $3,000. When home improvement giant Home Depot didn't help, it was time for Seven on Your Side to strap on our tool belt and pitch in. Andrew Monderson's spent half a year renovating his two story apartment building, all by himself. But now his work has hit a snag.

"Basically, I'm in a stand still," Monderson tells Eyewitness News' Tappy Phillips.

Last February Andrew bought more than $3,000 in flooring from Home Depot. But before he could pick it up, a contractor claiming he was working for Andrew, made off with the whole order.

"I was kind of speechless for a few minutes," Monderson adds.

That's because Andrew never gave permission for the pick-up.

He adds, "It was actually signed for and I contested it because I said, that's not me."

Home Depot tells Eyewitness News they're policy requires prior authorization and a receipt if any other than the customer pics up the merchandise. They say in this case whoever picked up the flooring, had an invoice. Andrew says that's not possible.

So we called Home Depot and their rep confirmed the contractor never had Andrew's permission to make the pick up - a violation of their own store policy.

Because Seven on your Side got involved, Andrew was credited back his $3,000.

So what happened to the flooring? Home Depot says the contractor who picked up Andrew's flooring told them Andrew hired him to deliver the order. Home Depot wouldn't tell us who the contractor is - saying they do business with him frequently and that they wouldn't press charges.