Sports Museum of America

June 17, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
A museum dedicated to all sports. And it's not just one big trophy case. The Sports Museum of America is a 21st century competitor, complete with interactive displays and lots more. First, you step back in time to a celebration of sports heroes when they were kids. From movies to memorabilia, you'll be hooked from the start. There's Derek Jeter's little league jersey, for one.

The Sports Museum of America in Lower Manhattan is the first of its kind, dedicated to all sports and superstar athletes. And it's not just about memorabilia. The museum also tells a story through movies on great sports moments.

"We have 22 films that were made especially for the museum, made with the non-sports fan in line...I think more than anything else, they move you and you learn the stories behind the athlete...behind the game," museum's founder, Philip Schwalb says.

Nineteen galleries showcase basketball, football, soccer and lots of sports in between. And they're filled with awe-inspiring artifacts like the original Heisman Trophy and the trophy from the Yankee's 1996 World Series win.

In the Olympic gallery, there's the American flag from the U.S. hockey win in 1980. You'll also find lots of gold, silver and bronze.

But more than anything else, it's a museum for the 21st century. So think interactive exhibits. You can bend it like Beckham in the soccer gallery or wrap your hands around A-Rod's major league bat.

For many visitors, the Sports Museum of America is an over-the-fence home run.

The museum is partnering with dozens of halls of fame to fill its galleries. It's also the new home of the Women's Sports Foundation.

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