Cleaning up a home oil mess

Seven On Your Side
July 4, 2008 8:43:02 PM PDT
In December of last year, an oil company made a delivery to the wrong house. Fifteen years earlier, Allison Richardson switched from oil to gas, but left the fill pipe leading to her basement.The oil company, Paragon, wrongly pumped the oil into her home, and it ended up in the basement. It left a mess.

The company started to fix the problem, then stopped, leaving Richardson with a big hole and a dirt floor in her basement. So she got Seven On Her Side.

The oil delivery was supposed to go to Richardson's neighbor across the street, but nearly four gallons were pumped before the mistake was caught. Paragon did send a contractor out to fix the problem.

"They broke off all this," Richardson said, showing a gaping hole in home. "They broke the wall."

Then, in January, they stopped coming. Allison says they promised to come back.

"I stayed home, my dad stayed home, he told me he would be here at 10 a.m. that morning," she said. "We stayed here all day, nobody ever called me, nobody every showed up."

Getting an answer from Paragon Oil turned out to be difficult. They have several addresses, and no one felt like talking at any of them.

The company that was sent out do the repairs was the Transport T.T.T. corporation, which delivered the oil for Paragon. They had no office in the area, but their phone number was listed at the same address as Paragon.

So we went to the Monroe address on Transport T.T.T.'s letterhead and found that they were not physically there either. What they do have is a rented mailbox.

What they don't have, and Paragon doesn't either, is a license to deliver oil in New York state. But after our persistence, Transport T.T.T. came back to continue the repairs. They got the floor replaced. Richardson is waiting for them to finish.

Allison could have avoided the problem by filling the pipe with cement, which she has since had done. She should never have this problem again.


STORY BY: Tappy Phillips