'Hidden' text when web shopping

Seven On Your Side
July 23, 2008 2:51:31 PM PDT
One Queens woman says she thought she was just getting a discount on travel then withdrawls started coming out of her checking account. Withdrawls she says she knew nothing about. When she couldn't stop them, she called for Seven on her Side. "My checking account was overdrawn. That's what alerted me that there was something wrong," said Felesha Degracia.

Felesha Degracia is talking about charges on her checking account. For a year she was charged $11.99 each month to something called TLG Great Fun.

"I never signed up or enrolled or joined this company. I didn't even know what the compnay was for or what it did or what it stood for," adds Degracia.

It turns out, Felesha had enrolled with TLG Great Fun when she booked a trip on priceline.com. She says she thought she was just getting a discount on her travel.

"I don't know what service they're providing to me. Right now they are providing me grief. That's what they're providing me," said Felesha.

Seven on your Side contacted TLG Great Fun , which offers discounts on shopping and entertainment. They showed Eyewitness News the webpage where Felesha signed up for their services. Felesha said she had no idea she had been directed to a new website for she thought she was still on priceline. It cost her over $100 in fees.

Felesha adds, "I simply booked a flight on priceline.com... I haven't had any great fun at all from these guys."

Two years ago, Attorneys General's from 15 states reached a settlement with Trilegiant, the parent company of TLG Great Fun to pay over $14 million to consumers who were deceived by the company's promotions.

New Jersey was one of the states involved in that suit and now its consumer affairs department says they will be looking at this collaboration with priceline.

As for Felesha, after Seven on your Side called trilegiant, they refunded all the money they had taken out of her account.

We contacted priceline which said they are aware consumers are directed to Trilegiant's website by clicking on a discount offer. Priceline also said they believe the terms and conditions are adequately disclosed.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News Consumer Reporter Tappy Phillips