Mystery DNA in Stein murder was investigator's

July 30, 2008 3:45:07 PM PDT
A new development in the Linda Stein murder, the so-called realtor to the stars. Linda Stein was killed in her 5th Avenue apartment last fall.

Mystery DNA was found months after the murder in her master bathroom sink, but now it turns out the DNA belongs to an NYPD crime scene officer.

He apparently had cut himself by accident.

"He cut himself and he washed his hands. A drop of blood ended up on the sink or the faucet," criminologist Ed Mamet said.

While it should not have happened, the retired NYPD captain said it often does, which is why the fingerprints and DNA of Investigators at the scene is on record.

According to court papers, the trace amount of blood found in Stein's master bathroom sink matched the DNA of one of the investigators.

The NYPD believes the mystery perpetrator has been eliminated.

When the mystery DNA first turned up in medical reports, defense attorney Ron Kuby who represents accused murderer Natavia Lowery, believed the blood belonged to Stein's "real killer."

Now that a link has been revealed to a crime scene officer, Kuby is questioning what other evidence may have been lost or contaminated. His client, Stein's former assistant, remains at Rikers. No blood was ever found on her clothing. No murder weapon was ever recovered.

The prosecution believes the finding confirms the integrity of the crime scene. The defense says police recklessness will be an issue at the trial.

STORY BY: Nina Pineda


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