Suspect arraigned in officer's death

August 20, 2008 2:42:24 PM PDT
It was an emotional morning outside a Long Island courthouse where dozens of corrections officers turned out for the arraignment of a man charged in the death of one of their own. Andrew Reister was killed in a struggle while working a second job as a bouncer in the Hamptons.

At the arraignmet Wednesday, new charges were filed against the suspect accused of choking Reister. Since the officer's death last week, the charges have now been upgraded to second degree murder.

At least a 100 uniformed corrections officers and police officers lined up outside of court today to see to it that, 25-year-old Anthony Oddone is arraigned on new charges .

Police say Oddone choked Reister knocking him unconscious until he died later in the hospital.

Reister known as a dedicated do anything for you Suffolk County jail corrections officer was working a second job as a bouncer at a Southampton bar called "The Public House" when police say he told Oddone to get off a table.

Police say Oddone resisted the order even choking Reister holding him to the point of knocking him unconscious.

Reister was rushed to the hospital while Oddone placed under arrest.

Now Reister's supporters are waiting for justice.

Oddone is being held without bail.

After his arraignment, the correction officers lined up behind Reister's widow, Stacey, as she spoke to the media outside the courthouse.

"Andrew was extremely proud of his uniform, it identified him, it made him a better person," she said.

"The men and women in blue don't get the recognition that they deserve," she said as the officers applauded.

Defense attorney Glenn Obedin did not immediately return calls for comment, but he told Newsday that his client acted in self-defense.

"It was Mr. Oddone who was attacked," Obedin said. "He's indicated that he acted in self-defense ... Unfortunately, there was a tragic result."

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Emily Smith

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