Decapitated bodies found near Tijuana

August 26, 2008 11:06:20 AM PDT
Three decapitated bodies were found Tuesday in an empty lot outside Tijuana, the federal Attorney General's Office said.Officials said the bodies had messages on their backs, but would not give details about what the notes said.

Witnesses said the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. The heads were found nearby and appeared to have been burned.

The killings were the latest in a wave of mostly drug-related violence that has swept Mexico. Cartels have turned to decapitating their victims as a way to intimidate their rivals.

Another decapitated body and a man who had been stabbed to death were found Monday on the outskirts of Tijuana.

Nearly two years ago, President Felipe Calderon launched a nationwide battle to take back territory controlled by some of the world's most powerful drug gangs. Cartels have responded with unprecedented violence, especially along the U.S.-Mexico border.