Hometown Hero 10/17/2008: Shelby M. Simone

Shelby M. Simone
October 29, 2008 2:30:10 PM PDT
Only a teenager, Hometown Hero Shelby Simone has already been an invaluable asset to her community by dedicating her time and energy to fundraising in the fight against breast cancer. Having trained for months, Shelby recently completed the Avon Breast Cancer walk on October 4 & 5 to raise funds to dramatically impact the lives of medically under-insured women and men to receive the screening, support, and treatment they require. Shelby single-handedly has already raised over $2,200.

Her passion for helping others extends to other causes as well. Shelby has completed two Relays for Life and for the past three years has participated in a local Challenger Division Baseball League, which enables boys and girls with physical and mental handicaps to play baseball.

It is not everyday that a senior in high school can juggle school, train for a 40-mile walk, maintain a great GPA, and be so passionate about and dedicated to so many causes. That is why Shelby Simone is truly a Hometown Hero.


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