A million dollar save

December 18, 2008 3:27:20 PM PST
Mary Alice Fallon's story is not just about her winning a million dollars, but the value of integrity. The lucky great grandmother didn't know she hit the jackpot until an honest clerk told her she was a winner.

"She had no idea. She was like, 'Are you sure it's a winner,'" Chris Connelly said.

Mary Alice Fallon plays the lottery everyday at the store in Rockaway Point. At 92-years- old, she feels it one of life's little pleasures that has now turned into a big award with a little help.

"He is just the most honest boy. He's a delightful boy, " Fallon said.

She purchased the ticket from a machine. She scratched off part of it, though it was a loser and tossed it on the counter.

"Before he threw it in the wastebasket, he put it through the machine. He put it in the wastebasket, and then he saw the letters. He said, 'This is worth a million dollars.' And then he turned white," Fallon explained.

Chris, who graduated with a degree in finance, never gave thought to keeping the jackpot for himself.

"It wasn't my ticket. I know this woman. It's bad karma," Connolly said.

There was plenty of good karma to go around as Mary Alice is sharing her winnings with her family and her 20 grandchildren who will have a little extra in their Christmas stocking.

"They are supposed to get one hundred dollars every Christmas for the next 20 years with a card signed by nana and pop-pop," Fallon said.

Mary Alice, along with several other million dollar jackpot winners, was presented with their checks by Yolanda Vega at the Queens Museum of Arts.

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