3 found dead in nursing home

December 18, 2008 3:12:12 PM PST
Homicide detectives are investigating three deaths within one hour at a nursing home. The deaths were reported early Thursday morning at the Carlton Nursing Home at 405 Carlton Avenue.

The three men lived in different rooms, but all of them lived on the third floor.

The nursing home's lawyer called the deaths coincidence.

"This morning, three residents coincidently died at our facility. Because of the nature of our business and the illnesses that we deal with on a daily basis, it is not unusual for a resident to die at our facility," David Barmak said.

The causes of the deaths of the three men, aged 61, 72 and 77 years old, were not immediately known. Homicide detectives wanted to know what they had eaten. Carbon monoxide tests came back negative, according to the FDNY.

The New Carlton Rehab and Nursing Center had 32 complaints in the last reporting period with 9 citations over three years. Three of the citations were for quality of care and two were for patient's rights violations.

Police and the New York State Department of Health are interviewing staff members and reviewing medical records.

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