Twin sisters maker their house a home

December 24, 2008 3:09:30 PM PST
Twin sisters, Mamie and Mattie, put a whole new spin on expanding their family. "It's something our mother instilled in us, to help..those less fortunate than us," Mamie Green says.

Well that is an understatement. Spend a little time with Mamie Green. And her sister Mattie Simms.

And you realize they're dedicated to helping others..They grew up in south Carolina, in a family of 9 kids... So perhaps it's only natural that their homes are always full...

They live down the street from each other in Coney island... But they're often at each other's place... With kids in tow...some of their own, some adopted, and many fostered.

" Total over the years, 116 and once you take in...many as your house hold could hold," says Mamie Green.

Mamie fostered first.

Starting in 1986... and Mattie followed two years later... Mamie fosters girls, but Mattie saw a need to foster boys...

"I wanted to take in some of the teenagers... to do the right thing,"

And they say 90 percent of those who've come through their homes...continue to do the right thing.

Believe it or not Mattie and Mamie say they're still learning how to parent... You're never an expert.

But they advise other foster parents. At the Little Flower foster care program in New York. And they're known throughout their neighborhood as the twins who take in kids....

"She's a nice foster mom and I love her so much,"

And that's what keeps these 59 year old sisters going.

"There are some challenges but the rewards are much.greater,"

"We're going to keep doing it?until we can't do it anymore, hahahaha,"

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