Man shot and killed on car lot

December 28, 2008 3:13:38 PM PST
A Brooklyn car dealer is dead, the victim of an apparent armed robbery attempt Saturday at his dealership in Flatbush. One of the suspects was also shot, and he remains at Kings County Hospital.

The shooting happened about 6:30, Saturday at a dealership on Utica avenue at the Old Mill Basin car lot.

It was an incredible scene where one of the car dealer workers grabbed one of the robbers guns and shot back.

Bobby Carnival's friends say he and his wife were going to celebrate their wedding anniversary this week, and he would have been 36-years-old next month.

Carnival was said to always first be a dad and a good husband.

The work came second when he ran his Brooklyn Cars on Utica lot. Just another hard working small businessman until 6:30 Saturday night when several men came to allegedly steal cash.

Police say one of Bobby Carnival's co workers grabbed a dropped weapon and fired back - the gunfire shattered car windows and put one of the robbers in the hospital. Police have yet to charge or identify that man. Carnival's business partner told friends and neighbors he's stunned how quickly this happened.

"He's lucky to be alive didn't know how he's alive and his partner ended up being the victim," said Judith Victor.

Police are still collecting evidence as Carnival's family is stunned that three men, apparently desperate for cash could destroy the man they loved.


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