VIEWER EMAILS: week of March 08, 2009

March 10, 2009 10:24:55 AM PDT
These are some viewer emails we received in response to this week's program and hot topics. Topic:Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

I am responsing to today Diana Williams show and part about repealing the Rockefeller Law. I object to changing the Law. I live on 2 ave and 26 street and cross the street from where I live is a drug rehab/detox. I can't walk freely in that side of street where the detox is located. Waiting for bus is hazzared.So if somebody says this is due we pay for living in free society I'll tell come over and live here and experience the same thing. I want to see what you say then. This is no freedom for me.

Ely Ramzi
New York, NY

Diana, concerning doing away with mandatory drug sentencing, I feel it should stay in place. If it's overturned and judges are allowed to sentence using their sole discretion, sentences will be disproportioned depending on geographic area, race, judges moral convictions, racist attitudes, re-election concerns, and buying judges influences. People of wealth can possibly buy a lighter sentence, where people of lesser means will face much harsher sentences. For that reason, leave the mandatory sentencing in place. Maybe at best it should be reviewed and modified but left equal for all.

David Compton
Wassaic, NY