Preparing cheap food at home

April 8, 2009 3:35:30 AM PDT
If you're preparing dinner right now, you're part of a growing trend. It seems the recession has sparked a renewed interest in cooking. People staying at home and heating things up instead of heading to restaurants.

No one is seeing that more than the folks at Bon Appetit, where circulation is at an all time high, more than 1 million people.

"We're all about empowerment and being right there to hold your hand and think that's what set us apart," said Barbara Fairchild, Bon Appetit Editor in Chief.

They point out a way to also save money. Inside the magazine there are endless recipes and columns that are fast, easy and fresh. Dishes for the family and also those at the market.

Things that are fresh and are at farmer's markets tend to cost less than what you find in processed food aisle so it's a way to encourage people to get in and participate in it.

The increased traffic is also spilling over to the magazine's website, where activity has increased 200 percent since May.

Victoria Von Biel is the fingers behind the conscious cook blog and says the number one request, is for ideas on what to make for dinner tonight.

Overall there's been a spike in enrollment, resulting in a 15 percent jump in revenue from a year ago.

What's causing the surge is among other things what they refer to as the trading down phenomenon.

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