Bartering instead of buying

April 30, 2009 9:58:52 PM PDT
More people are exchanging trading goods and services without exchanging money during these hard economic times. Bartering, the trading of goods and services, is nothing new, particularly for small businesses. Now, more people are turning to the internet to barter.

There are tens of thousands of listings in the barter section of Craigslist.

Other Web sites that put Americans in touch with like-minded people who are willing to trade everything under the sun have also seen a boost in traffic.

SwapThing, which lists almost 3.5 million "things" available for trade, reports its customers used to barter mostly for fun, but now it's more out of necessity.

Barter exchanges must carefully document all trades, since the Internal Revenue Service considers income from bartering as taxable. Visit the IRS website for more information.

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