Be part of National Running Day 2009

May 14, 2009 1:32:56 PM PDT
It's easy, it's healthy - and it's the most accessible way to get in shape today! It's running, and for the first time, groups around the country are joining forces in an unpecedented push to get everyone up, and on their feet together! The inaugural National Running Day is set for Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009. From New York to San Diego, the day will celebrate the benefits of running as part of a healthy and active lifestyle aimed at combating some of today's most pressing health issues.

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    This is a grassroots effort, bringing together the foremost road racing and track and field organizations from major U.S. cities. And you don't have to already be a runner to take part. Americans of all ages and fitness levels are urged to get out and run by hosting a variety of National Running Day activities, including professional athlete appearances, free running events, group runs, and clinics.

    This unified effort is aimed at encouraging people to lace up their shoes and invite a friend to join them in experiencing the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of running.

    "Everyone can run. That's the message of this day," said New York Road Runners president and CEO Mary Wittenberg. "As an industry, we know first hand how great running is. Millions of Americans have discovered that running is an easy way to feel better, look better, and live better."

    There are many ways to take part:

    ** Runners can join in the National Running Day festivities by simply going for a run on June 3rd, then logging on to the national website and social media resources at to download an "I'm a Runner/I Ran Today" Facebook button, interact with other runners, and find complete information.

    ** Resources available on the site will include information on local community events with running clubs and retailers, course-mapping tools, training tips, and other running-related information.

    "This is a day to celebrate the most universal of all sports," said USA Track & Field CEO Doug Logan. "By taking National Running Day into the virtual realm of social networking, we're doing even more to expand that universe. You might be running toward a goal, running with a purpose, or even just running away from your problems. Any reason is a good reason to run, especially on National Running Day.