Grading the final debate

October 28, 2009 3:21:58 PM PDT
The mayor's aggressive style in last night's debate surprised a lot of people. But less than 24 hours later, it was what Thompson said that made it into Bloomberg's newest television attack ad.

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"Here's Bill Thompson grading Mike Bloomberg: 'Think I'll be kind and give the mayor a D-minus,'" the ad says.

The ad goes on saying the New York Times and other papers give Bloomberg high marks.

Thompson wasn't backing away from his controversial remark.

"I might have given the mayor a C for his job performance, but coupled with his breaking his word to the people of New York City when it came to term limits, the fact that he lied to us and betrayed the trust of the city of New York, I thought a D-minus was appropriate" he said.

The mayor let his ad do his talking for the most part today, but at the Yankees pep rally, he surprised some by morphing his slogan of four more years into a new chant for the Yankees.

"Here's all we need: Four more wins! Four more wins,' he declared.

His opponent called Bloomberg's chant another example of the mayor making everything about him.

"So I'm not surprised he would try to turn the pep rally for the Yankees into something about him," Thompson said.

A lot of analysts are giving Thompson fairly high marks for his debate performance, but he needed a home run. That didn't happen. So most of the talk today was about that D-minus comment and that probably doesn't help Thompson much.

Election Day is next Tuesday. You can count on Eyewitness News for complete coverage of the returns and the speeches on election night.

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