Bloomberg holds big lead in two polls

October 30, 2009 4:21:05 PM PDT
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bill Thompson are entering their final weekend on the campaign trail. A new Eyewitness News poll has Bloomberg leading the race by 11 points.

Another poll gives the mayor an even bigger lead.

That poll gives Mayor Bloomberg a commanding 53-to-38 percent lead with just days to go.

But Bill Thompson is pointing to his own internal poll. He claims there's only an 8 point difference.

"This is all about who comes out and votes next Tuesday and I hope Mike Bloomberg takes it easy this weekend and pays attention to those public polls. We're going to be working hard getting every voter out," he said.

Bloomberg wasn't taking it easy on Friday. Besides touring the Green Market with cycling great Lance Armstrong, he had breakfast with the widow of Jackie Robinson and launched a new "feel good" commercial.

"Anybody who thinks you can coast into anything and not have to earn it, they're making a bad mistake. There have been a lot of candidates over the years who have made that mistake and I'm not going to do that," Bloomberg said.

There were a couple of protesters at Bloomberg's event in Union Square, but a majority of New Yorkers aren't upset with how he changed the term limit law.

When asked is the city headed in the right direction 56 percent say yes, while 34 percent say no.

"But right now people generally think the mayor has done a decent job. They think the city is head in the right direction and therefore not being Bloomberg alone doesn't get you to 50 percent. Thompson has to do more," Lee Mirinoff of Marist Poll said.

Today's poll does have a little bit of good news for Thompson. Among likely Democratic voters. it shows some movement toward Thompson. The question, though, is will it be enough between now and Election Day on Tuesday.

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