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UN mission receives another suspicious letter

November 11, 2009 2:38:03 PM PST
A sixth diplomatic outpost received an envelope with white powder.The police commissioner tells Eyewitness News, a letter received this morning at the Lithuanian UN mission is NOT believed to be linked to the series of letters received at diplomatic missions in New York this week.

Earlier Wednesday, an envelope was found at the Russian Mission to the United Nations on East 67th Street.

"The substance found in letters opened yesterday at three missions, including France's, has been positively identified as flour. We are awaiting laboratory results for the substance found in two more letters found today at the UK and Germany's offices," NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

New York City police say the mission to the United Kingdom was the fifth to receive a letter. The German mission to the UN got a similar package earlier Tuesday.

Three other envelopes arrived Monday at the missions of France, Austria and Uzbekistan.

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko says his office is trying to locate the sender.

As a precaution, hazardous material units decontaminated employees who handled the envelopes.

All of the letters were postmarked from the same, regional post office, 25 miles outside Dallas called North Texas, according to police.

Each letter has a different return address in the Dallas area that did not correspond to an actual location.

Police say, in at least two of the letters, to Uzbekistan and Austria, there was a handwritten note that read, simply, "Al Qaeda FBI in America."

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