Family, friends worry over fate of student

January 15, 2010 10:09:15 PM PST
Raw anxiety. That's the only way to describe how the family and friends of Stephanie Crispinelli are feeling right now.

"One of my son's called me, Stephanie's friend, in the middle of the night and said, 'Mom, Stephanie did not get off the plane, and that was 2 o'clock this morning and we're watching the tv and we're just sick to our stomachs," Susan Lanzetta said.

Micheal Lanzetta got a text message Thursday. It said the Lynn University students who had been missing in Haiti were found. But the message was wrong and a retraction was issued, which made things worse.

"She's been crying since she got home from work. She's been crying since we spoke this morning," Michael said.

The Crispinelli's have left their quiet Westchester neighborhood, and are now in the Dominican Republic, waiting for word about their daughter's whereabouts."

Crispinelli is among six people in her humanitarian group "Journey for Hope" who were staying at the Hotel Montana and are still missing. Christine Gianacaci, 22, of Hopewell, New Jersey is among them.

The school has hired its own rescue team and is posting constant updates on its website.

"It's so informative. They seem so concerned about the students," Karen Negulic said

While there are moments of weakness, the optimism is solid. Stephanie is a strong girl.

"I think Stephanie is the type if she gets through this, she'll come home and she'll probably go back to Haiti, " Susan Lanzetta said.