Heels hurt? Ballet flats to the rescue!

February 9, 2010 3:29:04 PM PST
Women know the pain high heels can bring all too well. So the rising popularity of flats is welcome relief to many. Some people can't get enough of Olivia Kibar's very basic shoe, which looks just like a ballet slipper. And that's all she sells at her boutique, French Sole.

It's filled to the ceiling with flats, with a small amount that have a small heel. There's also a little string to adjust, and lately, rubber for the sole is the trend for extra comfort.

Some look like a tribute to Chanel, with embellishments and sparkles.

And across the street is the French Sole outlet, where out-of -eason styles are sold for about $100 less. And if two French Soles weren't enough on the Upper East Side, another store walked onto the scene in December.

Pretty Ballerinas is a sliver of a spot that stocks a very similar shoe. Some look identical to the ones three blocks away, but others have a younger appeal.

There are ones that fold up, perfect for your purse. The Pretty Ballerinas brand is said to have started in Spain. It turns out that it's where both Pretty Ballerinas and French Sole are produced.

And women know that after a day and night in heels, there's room for comfort, no matter which brand.

French Sole is located at 985 Lexington Avenue. For more information, call 212-737-2859 or visit FrenchSoleShoes.com.

Pretty Ballerinas is at 1034 Lexington Avenue. For more, call 212-249-7844 or visit PrettyBallerinas.us.