Garbage piling up in some Newark neighborhoods

The News Leader

February 15, 2010 3:54:51 PM PST
All of these snowstorms are taking a big toll on garbage collection in Newark. A big toll because in some areas it has not been picked up in nearly two weeks.

"Between the snowstorm and holidays, all kinds of congestion with the garbage," Salvatore Vitale said.

Vitale has lived here for 35 years and says he's tired of seeing his garbage and his neighbors' pile up.

We counted 14 bags at this house, and other piles over a two block area.

Some folks like Vitale saying they have to take it in, put it out, and then take it in again.

Trouble is when it snows, the sanitation trucks are used not as garbage trucks, but as snow plows to move the snow.

Bishop Pernell says all of his garbage is out of sight in the back of his home and Darryl Batts had to think to remember when sanitation last came. All of his bins are full.

"Since Monday before storm we've had no pickup. We didn't get garbage pickup or snow plowing done here though," Darryl Batts said.

We found those trash trucks parked on Monday -- understandably, because it was a holiday.

No one from the government was available for comment because their offices were also closed for the holiday.

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