ER worker charged with credit card theft

March 2, 2010 2:57:59 PM PST
It was the last thing Christine Carrs needed or wanted to worry about. In November, her husband of 26 years was fighting for his life after being injured in a helicopter crash.

While Daniel Bisk, 53, was being treated in the hospital, his credit card company was calling about suspicious purchases. That's when Carrs says she realized something was amiss.

"While doctors and other medical personnel were making heroic efforts to keep Mr. Bisk alive, one employee used the tragedy as an opportunity to steal," Public Safety Commissioner George Longworth said.

Bisk died of his injuries in early December at Westchester Medical Center.

On Tuesday, police arrested Anthony Vassell, a 33-year-old emergency room worker, and his girlfriend for allegedly going on a spending spree with the stolen credit cards.

"Vassell's responsibility that night was to help the patient, not help himself to the man's credit cards," Longworth said.

Investigators said surveillance video was taken at an armani exchange store where police say Lisa Dacosta, 29, is seen trying on and purchasing a white coat.

At another store police say Vassell loaded up a shopping cart with liquor. In all there were thousands of dollars in charges.

Police say Vassell, whose official title is patient care technician, is linked to at least two other thefts.

Carrs, who is a nurse herself, says she's relieved over the arrests.