Wife of White Plains mayor won't testify

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley

March 5, 2010 4:20:59 PM PST
The mayor of White Plains was in not one, but two courthouses on Friday. He pled not guilty to misdemeanor charges of assaulting his wife.

"Adam steadfastly maintains his innocence," his attorney Luis Penichet said afterward.

Adam Bradley was arrested Sunday after his wife, Fumiko, called police following an argument at the couple's house.

A judge on Friday agreed to modify an order of protection, which allows him to return home.

Through her lawyer, Bradley's wife said she wants the charges dropped altogether.

But in a three page sworn statement taken Sunday, Mrs. Bradley painted a far different picture. She claimed her husband had been verbally abusive for years and that after he became mayor, the abuse got worse.

She told police:
"Adam attacked me physically many times by pushing me down the seven steps that are inside our spilt level house. Adam has also grabbed me by my arms and has squeezed me so hard that he's left bruises on me."

As for Sunday's alleged incident she said, "He put my left arm against the door frame and with his other hand banged the door against my left hand... I was in pain, my hand hurt and it was bruised."

Her lawyer says a language barrier caused a misunderstanding during the police interview.

The District Attorney's office says the case will move forward with or without Mrs. Bradley's cooperation. A trial date has been set for April first.

Adam Bradley, a former state assemblyman, was elected mayor in 2009.