Will Cuomo's decision stop the drop in the polls?

March 12, 2010 4:09:22 PM PST
Insiders are calling it smart politics after Attorney General Andrew Cuomo recused himself from the Paterson investigation. He praised former Chief Judge Judith Kaye after naming her independent counsel.

"It is a political year so having a person of the judge's credentials where all New Yorkers can say this is a qualified person. She has no agenda. She's not in politics. She's not running for office. She's just there to do the right thing," Cuomo said.

Judge Kaye will investigate whether Governor David Paterson accepted World Series tickets and lied about it and whether he had improper contact with a woman who accused a Paterson aide of domestic violence.

The governor said he's getting plenty of work done and he blasted his fellow lawmakers as the ones distracted by all this scandal.

"Everyone talks about what's distracting me. I don't know what's distracting everyone else. I'm exactly where I should be right now," Paterson said.

Cuomo, a likely candidate for governor, made his decision to step away from the Paterson case after seeing his poll numbers slide.

In early March his approval rating stood at 67 percent. Now it's down to 54 percent, a drop of 13 points.

Despite Paterson giving up on his election bid, lots of voters still perceived a conflict of interest as long as Cuomo was on the case.