New restaurant decorated with recycled goods

March 24, 2010 3:31:48 PM PDT
At a new restaurant in the meatpacking district, customers like what's on the walls as much as what's on the menu.The decor is unique, giving new purpose to old items.

The restaurant is called The Collective and is located on Little West 12th Street.

Living rooms are packed with items that at one time were full of life and are now experiencing a rebirth, like pill containers that are now part of a chandelier.

There are plastic ties that are the upholstery for a column.

Lionel Ohayon of the design firm I-crave headed up the project, transforming The Collective.

"It really became a sculptural project because we were out shopping online, checking Craig's List, going to flea markets, a lot of these artists were met in exactly this manner," he said.

Ten local artists poured their hearts and souls into making the space one of a kind.

Jeorjia Shea created hand-painted murals on the wall and on the ceiling.

"It feels alive when you're here working with these artists," she said.

Stephan Keating calls this place his tornado of jewelry, 116 pounds of bling interlocked from the ceiling to the floor.

He's the brains behind a scrabble table and an unusual grandfather clock that is a head turner.

If you look up inside the restaurant, you'll find a light fixture made out of discarded styrofoam, tucked in the corner. There are scales that double as stools and, one of Lionel's favorite pieces, and a whimsical sofa made from an old sign from Coney Island, a phonograph, suitcase and the lamp, where the stem is a flute.