Judge pulls plea in sex assault after suspect boasts

November 16, 2010 1:53:01 PM PST
A Manhattan judge pulled the plea deal originally offered to a former juvenile court counselor and instead sentenced him to three years to prison.

Judge Cassandra Mullen took the prearranged deal off the table after learning that 47-year-old Tony Simmons had bragged about how he was to avoid jail after admitting to sexually assaulting three teen girls. Mullen also said that Simmons took no responsibility for his alleged conduct in presentencing interviews.

"This defendant's rendition of events and the lack of understanding are nothing short of disturbing," said Judge Mullen.

It was Simmons' own statements he gave to his probation officer that landed him in hot water with the Judge who called the former juvenile court worker's past actions, predatory and opportunistic.

In the original deal, the 42-year-old would have gotten 10 years probation, no jail for pleading guilty to raping and sexually assaulting three teenaged girls while on duty inside family court.

But Simmons began talking and the Judge says, in a probation report, revealed he only pled guilty to avoid jail time, bragged the sexual acts with the victims was consensual, that there was a mutual sexual attraction.

Simmons and his attorney were clearly rattled and now had two options, A new deal, Three years in state prison and three years probation or vacate the plea and go to trial.

They are choosing to go to trial.

Critics say they were pleased with the possibility of Simmons going to jail.

All sides are due back in court on December 15.

Simmons is free on $100,000 bail.